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Finally - after much planning and waiting, I took the Porsche to the track. Not just any track mind you, but Sears Point! (okay, they call it Infineon Raceway, but I won't). Then I went to Thunder Hill for another two day sesson. And I'm hooked! More Pics are coming soon.

Sears Point, blind crest, approaching turn 4

Thunder Hill, Turn 6

So what did I do? I immediately sold my beloved Carrera. Why, you ask? It was too nice to become a track beast. While not an especially rare or exclusive car, but a perfect example of an unmolested G-50 Carrera. The right thing to do was to sell her to someone that would keep her in stock form, and begin the hunt for the next Porsche. And that's what I did.

What's next? My goal is to build seat time in a car that I can drive to and from the track. I'm purposely avoiding the trailer for now. That means the car must not only be street-legal, but driveable for 2.5-5 hours. Many of the cars I've investigated are so tempting, but the wrong choice at this point in my driving development.

Stay tuned as I update this with the platform car and my development program. And I'll post pics of Das Zoom for historical purposes, along with the car hunt as we go.

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