1987 Porsche 911 Carrera



Limited Pre-Sale Opportunity

Help Preserve a Pristine Porsche!

Hi! My name is Don and this is my beloved 1987 Porsche(r) 911 Carrera. I like this car so much, that I must sell it. Confusing? Read on...

This is my first Porsche, purchased five years ago. I, like the previous owners, have lavished attention and care upon her. The car has been a casual weekend driver, always garaged and with all scheduled maintenance. But my focus has recently turned towards the Track, and this car is simply too nice, too original to convert into a track beast. She deserves a better life. She needs an owner that values her original character and will enjoy her on the weekends, as a daily driver, even as an occasional Autocross or DE car. She's looking for you.

What do I mean by "Limited Pre-Sale Opportunity"? I am preparing the car for sale. That means I'll polish and wax the paint, pressure wash the undercarriage, detail the engine bay, detail the interior, and take care of the 15K service. The 15K service includes a valve adjust, plugs, filters, cap/rotor, belts, etc., etc. In other words, she'll be in as good as new condition and will fetch top dollar. If you are looking for a well-sorted, pristine G-50 Carrera, you know what they are worth. Make me a reasonable offer before I finish the pre-sale prep and 15K service, and I can start my quest to build a track car sooner, and you can be a Porsche owner now.

Car Details / Specifications

  • 73,800 miles (11/05)
  • Date of Manufacture: June 1987
  • VIN: WP0AB0918HS1227nn (I'll email the complete VIN, clean title, California Car)
  • Engine Number: 64H08661
  • Transmission Number: 74H07017
  • Exterior Paint Color: Diamond Blue Metallic / F5F5 - Original Paint, stunning condition
  • Interior Color: Black Partial Leather / LT
  • Original Optional Equipment:
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Central Locking System
  • Forged Alloy Wheels (Fuchs, 6x16, 7x16)
  • Cruise Control
  • Alarm System
  • Power Sunroof
  • California Emissions
  • Additional and Aftermarket Equipment:
  • Bilstein Sport Shocks (<2K miles)
  • Toyo Proxie RA-1 Tires (205/50-16 and 225/55-16, <2K miles, 4 heat cycles)
  • B&B SS Sport Exhaust (<15K miles, original OE exhaust included)
  • Sport Motor Mounts
  • Andial DME Performance Chip
  • Turbo Tie Rods and bump steer spacers
  • 930S Steering wheel w/ Crest (original wheel included)
  • H&R 21MM hub-centric rear wheel spacers / 5/16" front spacers
  • Stainless Steel Braided brake lines and front cross-drilled rotors (<3K miles)
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Custom mount interior fire extinguisher
  • Custom center A/C vent (no bow-tie)
  • Hand-painted center caps by Diane Reed
  • Alpine TDM-7544 Cassette Receiver
  • Alpine CHA-S604 6-Disc CD Changer (with extra magazine)
  • Alpine 8040 Mobile Security System with remote
  • LoJack
  • Magbra with Case
  • Porsche factory silver car cover
  • Crest floor mats and rear seat mat
  • Porsche Air Compressor
  • Porsche wheel locks
  • Bentley and Haynes manuals
  • Two-part color and clear touch up paint
  • Certificate of Authenticity



Major Service and Maintenance History (things you won't have to do)


I have all receipts and records from the first 15K service. The first owner lived in San Diego and the car was serviced at Black Forest. The second owner lived in Orange County, and service was done at South Coast German Cars. The third owner also lived in Orange County, and extensive service was done at Haydon Brothers (wait until you see the receipts!). I purchased the car in Orange County, did most of the service myself along with Hergesheimer MotorSports, and most recently the car was serviced by S-Car-Go Racing.

  • Shocks, Ball Joints, Ride Height, Corner Balance
  • Odometer gear repair
  • Front calipers rebuilt
  • Air Flow Meter replaced
  • Rebuilt CV's
  • Tranny shift shaft seal replaced
  • Shifter rod bushings replaced
  • Taillight Lens seals
  • Hood and rear deck shocks
  • Window Squeegee's replaced
  • AC Compressor resealed
  • Turn switch replaced
  • Alternator replaced
  • Front trunk resealed
  • Clutch replaced and flywheel resurfaced (<15K miles)
  • G50 Clutch Fork Update installed
  • Engine sound pad replaced
  • New fuel rail delivery hose set
  • Oil return tubes replaced
  • Rear and intermediate crankshaft and other engine seals
  • Sunroof seals
  • Cam oil lines
  • Rear sway bar brackets
  • Engine cover release cable
  • Head temp sensor


Condition and Comments

I'd rate this car 9/10 - where 10/10 is a pure concours champion. The interior is 8+/10. The car has seen only four days at the track driven by a novice (me), so the benefit is we tested the engine and bew out any carbon. The car has not and did not consume significant oil. Normal consumption is about one quart every 5K miles. It runs very cool, on the track I did not observe temperatures above 230F. The car really ran like a champ. The front oil cooler lines are dimpled where someone years ago used a floor jack in the wrong place. Given the operating temperatures I have observed, I have not felt it necessary to fix or replace them. There is a small oil seep on the left rear valve cover or possibly the rocker shaft seal. This is the only engine leak of which I am aware. When I adjust valves I'll look at this -- and if you wanted to go back to Dino oil this seep would likely go away.

I have run Mobil 1 synthetic since I purchased it. I also put Mobil 1 synthetic gear oil in the transmission about 7K miles ago. Brakes have fresh ATE Super Blue. The AC blows as cold as any late 80's Carrera. The AC compressor will need to be resealed every few years and topped off with R14 -- or you could contemplate an R134 upgrade if that is important to you. Under hard acceleration to redline, the 1-2 shift is sometimes balky. Under normal acceleration all shifts are smooth. I have a new clutch slave and master cylinder, have not got around to replacing them.

The interior pics I have now are fairly old - I'll post some new ones after I do the interior detailing. The leather seats are in great condition, the dash is perfect, the headliner is in new condition. It has power windows and doors, and the drivers seat has power height adjustment. The car is complete with the full factory tool kit and manuals.

Did I mention the color? Diamond Blue Metallic is a wonderful color. Depending upon the ambient light, it turns from gray, to silver, to blue. Very sophisticated and understated. Pictures do not do it justice.

I fixed the door pockets where they split in their traditional weak spot. There's a center vent for A/C in place of the useless bow-tie. I built a custom mount for a fire extinguisher between the rear seats. I'm a frequent contributor to the Pelican Parts Forum and will remain in the Porsche community after selling this car.

Things I recommend the next owner perform after the 15K service: Replace the plug wires, DME Relay and O2 sensor. None are essential, but good to do. Otherwise, this is a solid turn-key car, ready to give you many years of driving satisfaction.

If you are unaware of the positives associated with the 87-89 911 Carrera, I humbly suggest you do a little research -- this is commonly regarded as the pinnacle of the classic 911. It has digital engine management to ensure reliable performance, yet the robust character and driving characteristics that have made Porsche an enduring legend on the track and on the road.


Please Help Preserve a Classic Air-Cooled Porsche!

It's hard to believe this is an 18 year old car -- it still turns heads. Wouldn't she look nice in your garage?

Contact me to learn more about this well-sorted, pristine example of the legendary 911. Car is located in Northern California (North Bay). Thanks for your interest.

UPDATE: This car was sold one week after the original posting in November 2005.

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