Track Pics and Event List

Thunderhill, September 23-24

A few more pics from Thunderhill here

Streets of Willow, September 9-10


Thunderhill - NCRC, August 18

Hippo in her new shoes in the pits:

A happy guy after a great track day:


Santa Rosa -PCA Autocross, August 5

On Grid, ready to go. What are those three talking about? "$10 he spins it on T2"

Final corner - little oversteer:

"Houston, we have wheel liftoff!":

Then hangs it out to cross the finish line:

Thunderhill - Trackmasters, June 23


Buttonwillow - NCRC, June 18

Sears Point - PCA Costal Driving School, June 5 2006:

Turn 2:

Turn 4:

Turn 5:

Turn 7:

Turn 8:

Turn 8a:

What a great day!


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